NanoKimia Kavire Yazd Company is founded on the basis of technology, innovation and science development, and as mentioned NanoKimia is a knowledge-based company. The company started its activities by producing products in the field of individual and social hygiene. At the first phase, with the production of Povidone-iodine 10% and 7.5%, it met the needs of a part of the medical community. NanoKimia is a dynamic company and tries to maintain this freshness and vitality in the organization. The production of disinfectants and the supply of these materials in Yazd province is an example of the company’s flexibility and speed of action, and we hope to keep this agility in the future and continue to work even faster. It is certain that in the coming years, the company’s products will be more diverse. Our goal is to increase the production and find out new methods to provide pharmaceutical and health products to the people with the highest quality with affordable prices.

Extensive communication of managers and employees of the company with the country’s universities can be a model for the relationship between university and industry for other industrial units. NanoKimia is always ready to cooperate with different parts of the country, especially knowledge-based companies, sharing science, basic knowledge and technology.