NanoKimia Kavire Yazd Company is based on study, research, innovation and experimentation. In the early years, the company’s specialists focused on producing plasticizers and polymers over the years. Their efforts led in the introduction of the new hybrid catalyst which led to the production of DOP and DOTP oils, as well as polymer resins, such as polyester and epoxy with engineering formulations. Reducing the cost of production and increasing the quality of the final product would increase profitability and productivity in its production. This innovation and other initiatives by our colleagues made the company succeed in obtaining the knowledge-based license in 2016.

The company’s research and development unit is currently focusing on other projects, including the production of several new cosmetic products, High-tech disinfectants, as well as new production technologies and methods for the company’s new products based on nanomaterials.

Research and development in NanoKimia Kavire Yazd Company is not just a title. Opinions of our experts help us in the fields of research and development, participation in other fields such as new marketing and sales methods, marketing, services, new methods of packaging and transportation, new human resource management techniques, up-to-date information on transactions and methods of exchanging goods.