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  • NanoKimia Kavire Yazd Company was established in 2010 with the cooperation of a group of chemists and started its research and production activities on the production and manufacturing nanomaterials. The company is based in Nanotechnology Development Center of Yazd Science and Technology Park.
  • Extensive communication of managers and employees of the company with the country’s universities can be a model for the relationship between university and industry for other industrial units. NanoKimia is always ready to cooperate with different parts of the country, especially knowledge-based companies, sharing science, basic knowledge and technology.
  • The products of NanoKimia Company have received the necessary licenses from the Food and Drug Administration affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Most of the licenses meet international standards, so the consumer can be sure that they consume the same goods in all developed countries. (Images of some licenses)

Introducing Nanokimia

NanoKimia Social responsibility:

Creating living conditions suitable for people is a priority for NanoKimia Kavire Yazd Company. Although creating such conditions is beyond the responsibility of an individual and an organization, we try to be responsible to society as much as we can. A clear example of this responsibility was our role in fighting against COVID-19 crisis. At a time when the whole country was locked down and quarantined, NanoKimia personnel were able to work around the clock with a continuous and uninterrupted effort to install and launch a new production line. We managed to provide the society with the best quality and most affordable disinfectants and ensure the safety of citizens. It should be noted that in March 2020, the company alone met the needs of all medical, health and university centers and production centers in Yazd province at the peak of COVID-19 crisis. This cooperation is still ongoing and the company’s future plan is to supply disinfectants to other countries.

Sales representatives

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